1. Are all MOYO items made of the same fabric?

The fabric differs per article and collection, but is always natural and sustainable. We use canton, cotton / linen blend, wool blend and African cotton.

2. My African Dress feels stiff. Is that normal?

Yes. The stiffness of the dress depends on the amount of wax with which the fabric is treated. Don't worry - after a few washes the stiffness will be gone and it will feel like normal cotton.

3. Is it normal for color to come out when washing the African dress?

All substance is washed to see how it reacts. We advise you to wash the dress alone or with similar colors at 30 degrees because some color might come out. It differs per substance. Rest assured, the color does not fade. That has to do with the wax.

4. Will the prints always remain exactly the same?

No. The prints keep changing depending on what the market has to offer. Because we use up-cycled fabrics, once a pattern is sold out, we cannot buy it again. This means your dress is unique as we can only have a very limited line.

5. Will the sold-out items be in stock again?

Not necessarily. Stock depends on our ability to find the same fabric again. That is not always the case. As a result, the models will be the same, but the fabrics will change. Always 100% cotton or linen.
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