The Story

Hey you!

I'm Andra, Romanian by birth, Dutch by marriage, expat in Kenya, mother of three and founder of MOYO and Of An Interior.


In the 9 years we’ve spent in lovely Rotterdam I discovered I have a heart for people and a passion for fashion - the ethical, sustainable kind. One sewing course at the Sewing Café in Rotterdam lead me to create patterns that stand the test of time and trend and go against fast changing consumerist demand.

Once in Kenya, inspired by the beautiful colours, the African artistry, the rawness of the landscape and the dire need for work - I've created MOYO, a sustainable brand of collector's pieces that merge the good of both the European and African continents.

MOYO means 'heart/soul' in Kiswahili. Because sustainability cannot happen without us pouring our soul into it and doing things with a heart for people, product and planet. We seek to support a thriving work environment by how we relate to workers, optimal working conditions through safe, well lit premises, as well as fair wages.

We use pure, up-cycled European fabrics and story filled African ones. Linen, wool, silk and cotton transform into a work of art when fused or styled with the local African print cotton, the Mali Mud Cloth, the Kuba cloth and more.

Having a dream come true, seeing and interacting with so many happy clients, branching ourselves into sustainability and supporting the local market by believing in its potential to create exclusively beautiful pieces has been an intrinsically rewarding process. 

By wearing MOYO, you empower and feel empowered, you celebrate the beauty of the handmade, you support the idea that imperfections are a signature of the soul, you wear a product that stands for the good of both people and planet, and you shine in your femininity and uniqueness.

Love from Africa xx