Woven Tote Bag Caramel

Woven Tote Bag Caramel

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Design meets practicality with this hand woven black suede bag. Lined with upcycled Italian fabric and enriched with three inner pockets for storing your phone, sun glasses and other necessary items this new MOYO bag is an example of craftsmanship through the intricate weave work and most practical by fitting your laptop, sketch book, water bottle and more. The weight of the bag is evenly distributed on your shoulder making it less impactful through the wide straps. 

- 100% Kenyan leather

- width: 50 cm

- height: 41 cm

- shoulder strap width: 7 cm

- accent lining: black & grey checkers upcycled fabric

- MOYO logo on the side

- spray with special suede spray before using, use a damp cloth by gently rubbing to remove easy stains