Short Story on SLOW vs FAST Fashion III

Slow Fashion is TIMELESS & LONG LASTING. Fast Fashion is SEASONAL


When we say timeless we think of something we can wear for a long time, no matter the season or trend. When we say long lasting we think of a product that will keep its feel and quality over a period of time that extends longer than one season. Slow fashion production is a thoughtful process where time and quality merge to provide something that you will enjoy for years and will remember long after the article will have served your expectations.


          The MOYO Trench Coat

Timeless is a concept that encompasses different factors. First, we have the design part where the designer looks to what an article can do for the consumer and how long he or she is able to use it. If one can use it every season, no matter the trend and combine it in different ways, we have a winner and the piece will go into production.

Then there’s the development of garments that have a cultural and emotional connection. An article of clothing will be kept longer and worn more if it connects to our souls every time we put it on. Culturally we could be talking about an accent like, in our case, the African print lining or the Mali Mud Cloth Tunic and pockets for our minimalistic shirts. Pieces that celebrate interculturality by combining European minimalism with the African touch we so proudly talk about in our stories.


That small patch of fabric speaks of clothing that is not just a bunch of fabric cut and put together, but that thought has gone into building an identity that hopefully connects to yours. When you know you’re wearing a cultural piece, sustainably and ethically made, every time you put it on you'll feel you have chosen for something that is an honor and joy to wear.  

Emotionally a piece of clothing connects to your principles. When a conscious shopper makes a choice, it will be a well thought one as the question list from our previous article is being checked away. It’s story will encompass principles of sustainability and ethics and if those are met, consumers will keep an article of clothing longer than one season. Wearing a garment the makers of which have been paid and cared for properly, the fabric has been carefully selected and the seams of which have been hand stitched with an eye for detail and precision, will make you want to wear it endlessly because of what you will stand for when wearing it.

In terms of Fast Fashion, it’s seasonal character is defined by two main aspects – production for gain and fabrics for cost saving. When fast fashion chains produce an item the idea is how to bring it from the design table to the shop as fast as possible with the least amount of costs and most gain in mind.


The natural consequence will be underpaid and pressured workers and bulk productions with hasty examinations lacking detail and precision. Fabrics will not escape the fast fashion consequences either since a cheap fabric will add up less to the final store price meaning more profit margin for the designer and retailer. The demand here is not created by need, but by how fast an industry wants to grow no matter the cost.


Our hope is that consumers will take control of the situation and stimulate a change for the good – we have great power when making a purchase as one will lead to another person's purchase and so on. So on your next conscious shopping trip make sure you’ll purchase well. Go for timeless, sustainable, sensorial products that have a story and will not let you down.


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