The Clothing

  In our search for the right factory we came accross this  amazingly lit space in the heart of Nairobi. The minute you step in you can taste the warm atmoshpere and are welcomed by the smiles of Wagura and Wanjugu - two very crafty and talented sisters who are the link between us and those putting our clothing together.

One step further into the workshop, the light and soft breeze inunding the space reveal the presence of the seamstresses. Happy behind their sewing machines and merrily chatting while focused on their work. Sometimes you hear a laughter 'interfering' with the rest of the sounds :)

So, from thought to table, once a design is on paper Wagura will be the first one to hear about it, she will make a pattern for us, and the rest of the team will take the fabric and draw, cut and sew. The reward of the hard work is not only a beautifully finished product, but also a fair salary that  provides the livelihood means and education for the families awaiting at home. 












Has 2 boys.









Has 1 girl and 1 on the way.












Has 2 girls.








Cutter & seamstress.

Has 4 boys.











Cutter & seamstress.

Has 4 girls & 4 boys.






Stay with us as there will be more about the people making your clothing coming soon ;)