Short Story on SLOW vs FAST FASHION IV

Staying True To Yourself Through Fashion

Being true to yourself means making choices that reflect your wishes and desires. If you know what you stand for and what your focus is, you can apply  that in every area of your life including fashion. Your choices will be defined by who you are.



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One of the slow fashion principles is the consciousness of the purchase. When you go shopping as a conscious shopper you will be looking for pieces that are a reflection of who you are and what you stand for. Your wardrobe will be a thoughtfully curated one, where each item will be like an experience you’re enjoying every time you wear it.

There are no unconsciously imposed obligations within the slow fashion purchasing process. We don’t have to buy something because of its brand name or because it’s cheap or on sale, but because we need it, or because making an investment is worth the experience it gives you. When there’s deep thought going into the process of writing the story of a garment you’ll feel it when you see it, when you touch it. You’ll know you’ve been an important part of the process, not just a means toward endless gain.


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 Another element of the ‘true to self’ concept is the gradual introduction of a garment into a client’s life. A complete sensorial experience will take place when you shop for a unique piece. If what you see attracts you to come in you will touch the product, feel what it’s made of, put it on and become one with it. If it all comes together, you’ll fall in love because everything about this piece makes sense from the aesthetic to the feel of the fabric, to the way it falls into place when on you.

But there’s a price tag. A low one will be telling a lot about how fair the product is made and how every step of the way has been appreciated. A very high one will also tell you something is not falling into place and you are paying a significant amount for the name only. The right price tag should feel good for a conscious shopper and, you will get that feeling when you buy with the whole story in mind. It might be something you afford a couple of times a year, but it will be worth it, because you only buy when you need or when you see something unique and because you will be able to use it for quite a number of years due to its quality.

On the other hand, when fashion’s purpose is gain, the downfall is that it will try to define who you are because your power of purchase is of great value within the fast side of things.

The market has taught us to be satisfied with too little for tens of years now. Buying has become a habit instead of a need. Low prices, countless sales and commercials and endless collections have taken over our minds and we’re not able to make a difference between what we really need and what we buy because it’s something new again or because it’s on sale. We have become defined by an addiction within fast fashion.   

The slow fashion process is a holistic one where involvement happens from production to the buyer’s decision making. The thought going into creating a piece of clothing from designer to buyer is a representation of how important the buyer is in this whole process – their needs, the versatility of a piece and the quality of it in order to serve a client as much and as best as possible.


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A slow fashion piece will stand for a good, clean and fair process. If fashion is not trying to play around with us and tempt us to buy as much as possible and if that is what we believe in within slow fashion, we will not feel overwhelmed by the choice or the drop in prices that will make every item immensely more temping than in normal circumstances.

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