The Mud Cloth Story

The MALI Mud Cloth or BOGOLAFINI (bogo - earth; lan - with; fini - cloth)

Handwoven and handmade in Mali of 100% cotton , the Mud Cloth is soaked in a bath made of stamped, cooked leaves from the N'gallama tree.

The cloth is then dried in the sun and, when dry, the artisans use a piece of metal or wood to paint the piece with various prints. The paint is a special type of mud taken from river banks and let to ferment in a pot of clay for one year being looked at and modified as needed. Due to a chemical reaction between the mud and the cloth the brown-black colour still stays when the mud is washed away. 

Mud Cloth can be found in different colours nowadays, but the original ones are the Black/Brown/White, The White and The Black 

A unique piece with a raw feel and a steady look the Mali MUD CLOTH is a special, sustainable-to-the-core piece of African Culture. 

Enjoy wearing your unique piece!