Ties to The Ancient: Reviving History through Rediscovering the lost

In a world dominated by mass production and fleeting trends, there's a timeless allure in reconnecting with our roots, drawing inspiration from the elegance of ancient civilizations. We want the echo of history to transpire through the designs and material choices of our new clothing and jewellery collection. At the heart of this revival lies a reverence for craftsmanship, a celebration of imperfection, and an homage to the beauty of long gone eras.

The development of this new collection was a journey of the new intertwined with the old. Antique aesthetics of linen, raw and refined, blend with the modern sensibilities of developing our our own signature prints and printing on Belgian linen for the first time in Kenya. Upcycled cottons and prints merge into reversible coats, simple, yet playful.  

The Arria Linen Shirt is inspired by the 18th century style that emerged as a symbol of refined elegance, adorned with delicate gathers and strings for a touch of sophistication to its simplicity. This garment, worn by both men and women, epitomized the era's emphasis on classical aesthetics and graceful charm.


The Damiane & Cyra Jumpsuits have a timeless silhouette that transcends fleeting trends and is made of limited edition Italian fabrics. From crisp cottons to exquisite linens marked by our own prints all these items are a one of a kind treasure, here for a bit and then no more. With a sense of practicality and an air of sophistication they are a staple to any wardrobe.

Central to our designs is the use of materials that point back to ancient craftsmanship. Antique brass, with its weathered allure and timeless elegance, stone and glass form the cornerstone of our jewellery pieces. Each piece tells a story of the rawness, beauty and craftsmanship of the African continent while embodying a modern, chic aesthetic.

More than the materials, it's about weaving narratives through textures and patterns. Raw and organic linen, reminiscent of ancient garments worn by emperors and empresses, brings a sense of natural beauty to our clothing line. Its simplicity speaks of the understated elegance prized by ancient societies. A nod to the back to the basics, to simplicity and poise.

Drawing inspiration from the African continent, we incorporate Kuba cloth and Mud cloth into our creations. The Kuba Cloth, steeped in Congolese tradition of the men weaving palm leaves mats and women adding intricate, every day life symbolism their handiwork revealing age-old techniques passed down through generations adding depth and soul to our designs. 

At the heart of our collection lie our signature prints, inspired by motifs found in African nature and architecture. These patterns tell stories of the flowers adorning our gardens in all their might combining the feminine concept of a flower with the masculinity and sharpness of its shape. Sculptural, refined details infusing our garments with a sense of awe and joy for the mysterious beauties of this world.




In embracing the beauty of historical times, we reconnect with a sense of authenticity and purpose. We honour the artisans who came before us, whose mastery laid the foundation for our craft. We revive the appreciation for the soulfully created items, materials provided by nature and the uniqueness of small batch production. And in doing so, we invite you to join us on a journey of rediscovery, where the past meets the present in a celebration of timeless elegance.

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