The MALI Mud Cloth


                        The Mahlia Mud Cloth Tunic & Black/Brown Pillows

The MALI Mud Cloth or BOGOLAFINI (bogo - earth; lan - with; fini - cloth) is made in Mali of handsewn strokes of handwoven cotton and embodies the raw beauty of imperfection. Crafted with natural materials and dyes, its organic essence captures the authenticity of cultural traditions, each irregularity telling a story of human touch and connection to the earth.

 The raw piece of cloth is soaked in a bath made of stamped, cooked mixture of leaves, bark and roots from different trees and shurbs of which the most known is the N'gallama Tree - the African Birch. 


                           Mustard Mud Cloth

The mix takes a yellowish-brown color when its leaves are boiled in water. This dye serves as the base color for most mud cloth designs. 

The darker tones contrasting with the N'Gallama dye, are created by artisans using a mud mixture made from riverbed clay let to ferment in a pot of clay for one year being looked at and modified as needed. The iron rich mud reacts with the tannins in the n'gallama dye creating a deep, earthy black color.

Once dyed the cloth is dried in the sun and, when dry, the artisans use a piece of metal or wood block to paint the piece with various prints.


Mud Cloth can be found in different colours nowadays, but the original ones are the Black/Brown/White, The White and The Black 

A unique piece with a raw feel and a steady look the Mali MUD CLOTH is a special, sustainable-to-the-core piece of African Culture. 

Enjoy your unique MOYO piece!

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