A Checklist For Your Next Shopping Spree

Why choose consciously

There is more to fashion than just what meets the eye. It’s not all about the beauty or the trendiness of the product, but also about the hands that make it and whether those hands are truly valued or treated like merely a means toward an end.

In the next lines we will try to zoom in on what makes a garment actually worthy of our attention, what drives us to make the choices we make and how to make the right choices.

How To Shop Sustainably

It’s very easy to like shopping and be fashionable with the multitude of brands out there with prices dropped close to a nickel during sales. Because of store proximity and low prices, the average person consumes over 11 kg (24 lbs) of apparel each year with 30% of the entire wardrobe not being worn in a year.

Our passion for shopping and hunger for new is constantly fed through commercials, billboards, the shows we’re watching and the person sitting at the table next to us as we’re having our Sunday brunch. Not to mention the countless items offered to us and the new items added to them every two weeks. It makes it difficult for us to stay focused and untempted. Fear of missing out is also kicking in. So in order to make it easier for you and I to focus as we stroll along the shopping streets we’ve put together some Fast Fashion stats:

  • Fast fashion uses cheap labour and materials to present the mainstream consumer with the last trends at a low price and at an incredibly fast pace with clothing reaching the stores in less than three weeks after seen on the runways.
  • Fast Fashion is responsible for 92 million tons of solid waste dumped in landfills each year.
  • The average person buys 60% more items of clothing and keeps them for about half as long as 15 years ago.
  • In India, among other countries, the average garment worker is making around 58 US cents per hour.

With this in mind, what can you, the beauty lover, do to continue looking good while also supporting the environment? To get back on track, here is a checklist for the conscious shopper looking for the next fashionable item that aligns not only with your personal style but also your ethical beliefs.

  • Do I need it or do I want it?
  • Do I have a similar item in my wardrobe?
  • Does this brand pay its workers fair wages?
  • What is the story behind it? Does it stand for fairness and value and makes me proud of having invested my money?
  • How long do I believe I will keep wearing this item?
  • Do I shop with an occasion in mind or did I just stumble upon this item?
  • Will I wear this immediately or will it become just another piece in my wardrobe?

Be mindful when making fashion choices, as your choice might influence the world we live in more than you can imagine. Always go for sustainable and conscious brands that are in line with your desire to do good and impact for the better. You will pay more, but it is a long term investment in the hands that make it, the quality of the fabrics used, the environment and, through all that, a great investment in yourself.

What you wear is who you are!

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