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Us Moms and How I Fell in Love with the Shift Dress

A volatile dress that embraces who you are, that gets you to all places with little effort and great result is the MOYO shift dress.   When I started Moyo, I was a mom of three having just completed  a move from one continent to another, on the look for those simple outfits that both look good and are super easy to slip into. But with no time to shop and no luck in finding what I wanted, and needed in the limited time i had to stroll through stores the idea of the shift dress came. I cannot say I was struck on the spot as I believe clothes do need to prove themselves worthy of your love, but as I...

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A Checklist For Your Next Shopping Spree

Why choose consciously There is more to fashion than just what meets the eye. It’s not all about the beauty or the trendiness of the product, but also about the hands that make it and whether those hands are truly valued or treated like merely a means toward an end. In the next lines we will try to zoom in on what makes a garment actually worthy of our attention, what drives us to make the choices we make and how to make the right choices. How To Shop Sustainably It’s very easy to like shopping and be fashionable with the multitude of brands out there with prices dropped close to a nickel during sales. Because of store proximity and...

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